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    S.O.S please, someone help me? It's not healthy, for me to feel this way!

    OK ok.., maybe I've listened too much to Rihanna's song when I was younger. But really, help me? This is going on for months now and I think it's about time to cut the rope. I want a new bag and I'm going to buy one (very soon)! It's cleary going to be a Saint Laurent, because let's be honest, everything that Hedi Slimane touches turns into gold, like for real.

    The second thing is, it's going to be a black one (what else) not only because it suits everything but I think that black and gold is just a wonderful color match. But now, I have no clue on what bag I should get. Lulu, Betty, Cassandre? Large or small? I wish I could take you all home with me but my wallet says there's just place for one unfortunately. I'm having a really hard time picking one, so I need your help guys! Which one should I buy? :)

    Shop Saint Laurent:

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    Something new, something old!

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    Black and white, basic and comfortable.

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    Did you got a bit curious after all my Instagram posts about Hotel de Hallen where I stayed during the MBFWA? Well, here is a full hotel diary shot by yours truly. Enjoy your weekend!

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